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外国人募集 介護スタッフ Care Worker Recruitment


在日外国人スタッフを大募集!! 国籍不問!  年齢不問!   経験不問! 

We are looking for all foreign caregivers in Japan!!  Any nationalities are welcome! No age limits! No experience required

1. 対象者:・留学ビザ、家族滞在ビザ、配偶者ビザ、定住者、永住ビザをお持ちの方

     ・経験なし OK!  資格なし OK!



Eligible applicants: 

・Have long-term visa/ Student visa/ Spouse visa/ Dependent visa/ Permanent visa in Japan

・With or without experience in caregiver

・Have a desire to work as caregivers in Japan

Have conversational Japanese skills


2. 外国人向けサービス:


外国人 介護専門学校の学費の支援制度 (リンクをご参照ください)

Services for foreigners: 

・Part-time job introduction. Caregivers, Nurses dispatch and recruitment service (free fee)

・Educational lender for foreign caregiver students in Tokyo (Click here for more information)


3. 就業先と就業時間: 要相談

Workplace and working hours are negotiable.


4. 時給:1,200円以上(日本語能力に応じる) (今派遣スタッフの時給:1600円)

Hourly wage: 1,200 yen~ (depends on your Japanese ability) 



There are abundant conditions such as no age limits, no experience required, vacancy available jobs, etc.


For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us!


☎Phone: 0120-232-004 / business hours: 9:00 – 19:00



アルバイト求人情報 Click here for part-time jobs

派遣求人情報    Click here for dispatch jobs

正社員求人情報   Click here for permanent recruitment