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Applying to work as caregivers in Japan


There are 2 common ways for foreigners to have a chance to work in Japan as a caregiver. 

*You can not work in Japan as a private caregiver. You need to be licensed in Japan to work. 

1. EPA
Japan has been accepting a limited number of nursing and caregiver trainees from Southeast Asia since 2008 under economic partnership agreements with Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Applicants are required to have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test – JLPT level N4 or higher.

If you intend to apply for a caregiver job under the EPA, you could directly go to the organizations in your country – not to any recruitment agency.

*Only qualified nurses and caregivers from Indonesia, Philipines and Vietnam are allowed to work in Japan under the EPA.

2. Taking Kaigo visa (nursing care visa)
A new working visa “Kaigo” (caregiver) for non-Japanese registered caregivers was established in 2017. The new visa status allows foreigners to stay and work as private caregivers in Japan after graduation. Like other working visas, the new status is good for a maximum of five years and is renewable. Applicants would have to pass the national nursing care exam in Japanese to receive the visa.

The following is a typical procedure to get a Kaigo visa.
1. Come to Japan with a student visa to go to Japanese language school for 1 year or 2 years.(You are required to have passed the JLPT level N5 or N4)
2. Study at certified caregiver training facilities such as Senmongakko at least for 2 years.(To enroll in higher education facilities, JLPT level N3 or N2 is the minimum requirement)
3. Pass the national exam in Japanese.

*A qualified person from any national will have the opportunity to work as a nursing care in Japan. 

We will support you to learn in certified caregiver training facilities with the program “Educational lender for foreign caregiver students in Tokyo”.

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